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All About TMJ & Cervico Craniofacial Pain QLD

TMJ & Cervico Craniofacial Pain QLD (TCPQ) was founded in 2021 by physiotherapist, Emily Fox with a mission to help foster integrative assessment and collaboration with other health professionals. We focus on treating complex headache, neck, jaw, orofacial pain and spinal conditions. Emily believes in strong communication with other health professionals including dentists, ENTs, GPs, Prosthodontists, Neuro and Oral maxillofacial surgeons to establish collaborate care and positive long term treatment trajectories for her patients. 

We are located up stairs in Albion Market place within NEXT PRACTICE CLINIC 

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  • Initial Assessment 

  • Follow up appointments 

  • Subsequent consultations 

You will have the opportunity to discuss your history in full at the initial assessment and be given a concise explanation following a thorough analysis and examination of your history and presenting problem. It is apart of our value system to ensure that you are central to the care provided and driving the treatment plan with our guidance and support. 

Conditions we treat:

  • TMJ – Clicking/locking pain stiffness and post procedural discomfort

  • Neck pain and stiffness

  • Headache – migraine/cervicogenic, postural and TMD related

  • Martial Arts & sporting related Neck injuries and TMD

  • Whiplash

  • Tinnitus

  • Complex pain presentations

  • Other spinal pain

  • Other musculoskeletal complaints including shoulders, knees, hips, ankles

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Every consult you have will also go towards supporting the needs of those residing in developing countries through supporting their access to vaccinations 

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Albion Central, 6 Crosby Rd, Albion QLD 4010, Australia

We are located up stairs in Albion Market place within NEXT PRACTICE CLINIC 

Initial assessments will allow for triaging (with other specialists and services as required) and treatment planning along with a comprehensive understanding of your condition. Ensuring an individualized patient journey is central to the TCPQ approach.

West End

At TMJ & Cervico Craniofacial Pain QLD. (TCPQ), we hear your story and take a detailed note of your medical history. From there we create an individualized treatment plan aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together. We work closely with a collaborative team to support this mission.

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